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We put the “Personal” back in Personal Watercraft

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderH.D. Water Works began in 1992 with an idea that made loading and unloading Personal Watercraft easier and more efficient. Essentially, we put the
"Personal" back into Personal Watercraft with our product "Bunk Mates." Our Bunk Mates Trailer Slides allow the user to load and unload their watercraft with an almost "liquid" movement. Attached to the existing carpeted trailer bunks, Bunk Mates create a slippery surface between your watercraft and the jet ski trailer ... and if you have ever had to move your watercraft on carpeted bunks, you'll appreciate the simplicity of our Bunk Mates.  

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With nothing more than an idea, we began making our initial personal watercraft trailer slide product and giving them away to anyone who would take a set from us ... friends, family, racers, and recreational riders. Before long, we were receiving requests from everywhere on how to have a set made for them. Today, we are sponsoring racers all over the nation, France and Spain and providing our Bunk Mates to the public. We've been called EZ Glides, Marine Slides, Trailer Bunk Slides, and Trailer Slides but we prefer our brand name of Bunk Mates.

Whether you ride a Honda, Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Polaris, you will find our trailer slides to be the best in the industry! Make sure to visit your favorite boat trailer parts store and ask for them by name or order directly through us using PayPal.  


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